• Nadine Pierre

The History of How To Increase Blog Traffic For Free?

So, you already have a great-looking site; what's next? A great-looking site doesn't guarantee you any sales or income online. You need multiple sources of traffic to your site to generate sales and revenue. It would help if you had qualified buyers who're most likely to buy your service or products. So, how to increase blog traffic for free?

Let's find out.

1. Freebies

Ensure that you're offering only high-quality freebies, and check if itís something your target market can utilize. If people can save $10 simply by visiting your site now and then, theyíll come no matter what.

2. Guest posts

Guest posting is likely to give you adequate exposure if done right. Many websites allow you to place one or two links in the article, and you also have an option to link back in your bio. Each site has its own rules regarding guest posting, making sure you go through their terms to avoid any issues.

3. Optimized Titles

If you want to rank for specific keywords, use them in a way that allows search engines to notice them. The title must be concise and clear, include your keyword, and not too long or short.

4. Niche Groups

Facebook groups and niche forums are some of the best places to start knowing your target market and understand their interests.

If you cannot find a specific group, consider going local with or create one through

5. Backlinks

Building healthy backlinks are another crucial component of Search Engine Optimization. When a popular website adds a link to your site, it signals the search engines that your website is relevant and trustworthy to the anchor text keyword.

Besides SEO, backlinks can also help drive targeted traffic to your website on their own. Users might decide to click through the link and explore what your site has to offer ó generating more free traffic to your site.

6. Infographics

With websites like, Reddit, etc., to generate ideas for your infographics. Infographics can cause a considerable amount of traffic quite rapidly. People prefer to absorb info without wasting too much time, and if the information is extensive, itís much easy to stay focused by having a solid visual.


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