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Social Strategy For B2B Brands You Should Read

I've been thinking a lot about social media for B2B brands lately. Weirdly, they get a perfect look at it, and I don't think it's right. I've personally worked closely with some of these companies on their social media results, and here are the most important things I learned. I hope some of you find it useful.

Don't Think About B2B

My first piece of advice is not to think about the term B2B at all. Stifle your creativity. It can lead to a less ambitious job. Don't fall into this trap.

The main problem with the term is that it becomes depersonalized. Remember that you are not trying to hire a faceless company even if you are technically a business-to-business brand but rather to engage a company: a stakeholder, an internal influencer, a decision-maker.

In this regard, the social media strategy for B2B brands shouldn't be approached very differently than for regular consumer-centric brands. Don't put mental barriers that lead to less innovative results.

I see great social media for B2B brands in communicating two things at a very high level: thought leadership and corporate culture.

Thought Leadership

We hear this word often. But what does it mean? It essentially comes down to showing experience. Knowing about the specific area you want to be known for - you are the authority.

Challenge the people who create the resources in your company (or your clients) to create assets that you know will do well on social media.

This is not a one-way process; Use your social insights to enable more comprehensive wealth accumulation. This also applies to how you measure the success of your content.

When creating great thought leadership content from social media, you shouldn't measure success by how much traffic it brings to your website.

It would help if you considered the level of engagement in the social posts as your most important metric.

Here is an example of this theory in action: A client creates a report that focuses on workplace wellbeing. His report outlines five methods for improving the collective for the benefit of its workforce. Inform your social agency to create a campaign to publish this report.

The simple thing would be to design the five methods and accompany each with a link to the report, but that wouldn't be great social content. Instead, we're going to build from scratch and create a campaign from scratch.

We partner with five influential people in the wellness industry who advise reducing stress in a short video linked to the report's home page.

We complement this with an outreach campaign that uses social listening tools to find people talking about stress in the workplace.

We provide you with honest and helpful advice using the campaign hashtag. We take care of most of the lead generation through payment. Spend, and our organic activity is to spread the campaign. This is thought leadership, made socially. Corporate culture

Corporate culture is the other half of the recipe for B2B brands on social media. The gold standard for a business Instagram account is that someone who has never heard of the business can browse it and get an accurate idea of ​​the culture and what it would be like to work there.

Here are three examples of companies that I think to do well:

Mother is doing something cool with her Instagram by simply rotating the account through her employees, a series of internal Instagram takeovers. This creates a presence that shows the company's culture and the people who work there effectively.

Wolff Olinsare is good for showing corporate culture. His Instagram is elegant and offers a real insight into everyday agency life.

What is the common theme of all these examples? They are all based on pictures.

Above all, images convey culture. When you think about what you want to achieve with a B2B account, you are shedding a good light on business for the people.

Who could want to work with them in any way? Showing culture is the best way to do it. Who would you be most interested in?

A company that keeps posting links to their blog or a company that has the art of short: Don't just see B2B as something other than B2C - it depersonalizes and stifles creativity Corporate culture - These are the two things that make a B2B Should be doing very well on social media account.

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